Law & Grace Ministries

Chaplains to the Criminal Justice System – Law Enforcement, Courts, Corrections, and Victims

​Law & Grace Purpose

● To see the officers and offenders of the Criminal Justice System of America come to a saving knowledge of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
● To give aid, direction and encouragement to local Law Enforcement Officials and their families, supporting them spiritually, morally, and professionally, preserving their honor and respect.
● To aid the ministry of the local church by providing them additional opportunities, training and materials to reach their community for Christ.
● To disciple converts and ultimately to see them serving the Lord Jesus Christ in their local New Testament Church.
● To help new converts among the offenders reenter their community and become solid law-abiding citizens.
● To provide counseling for crime victims and support for hurting families.
● To provide professionally trained Missionary Chaplains who will in turn train and plant others to work in the Criminal Justice System of America proclaiming the Gospel of Christ.

History of Law & Grace Ministries

Law & Grace Ministries began long before it was named in October of 2004.
Headquartered out of Faith Baptist Church in Belleville, IL (Pastor Scott Baker), Law & Grace is dedicated to seeing sinners converted to Jesus Christ, their homes reunited and family units placed into local New Testament Churches.

Law & Grace currently has four Regional Directors who are qualified and experienced Chaplains, each having between 21- 25 years of experience in the criminal justice system.

These men have a combined staff of over 40 volunteers working in a ten-state area. They are currently in 19 facilities in the Midwest, including state prisons, jails and juvenile detention centers.

Some are trained law enforcement officers or correctional officers, but all have training in corrections with an understanding of rules, regulations and respect of the standards within each facility.

Law & Grace Regional Directors are also missionaries to the Criminal Justice System of America. They are active and “sent” members of a home church and supported by local churches.

Law & Grace Missionaries are available for mission conferences, speaking engagements and special Blue and White Sundays honoring Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters and Emergency Response Personnel. Please use our Contact Page to make a request or find out more information.

Terry Danford

Certified Law Enforcement Chaplain to the Criminal Justice System.

​​Terry is a Regional Director with Law & Grace Ministries for Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky and Tennessee. He has served in Chaplaincy work for the past 13 years. He is the Chaplain Coordinator for the Hendricks County Sheriff’s Department. He is certified by the Sheriff’s Chaplaincy Conference, Law and Grace Ministries and in CISM.

During the time he has served as a Chaplain he has attended ICPC, Law & Grace Ministry’s Corrections Training, and the Sheriffs’ Chaplaincy Conference. He graduated from Heritage Baptist University in 2000 where he was trained in NANC

For several years now the Lord has allowed me to be the Chaplain Coordinator for Hendricks’s County Sheriff Department. There are now six Chaplains under me. We also have 15 volunteers that are on a rotation schedule that help us with our jail services each week. I intend to benefit the cause of Christ in this ministry by the grace and power of God – taking the gospel into a closed community within our community. I know that I cannot do anything! Christ said that with Him we can do all things! I want to see the Criminal Justice System have an old fashioned revival. The motto for my family is “All to the glory of God”! Would it not be great, should the Lord allow us, to put a trained Baptist Chaplain in every department of the Criminal Justice System in America!
Why not?

– Brother Terry

Pastor Terry Danford has been the lead Chaplain for the Hendricks County Sheriff’s Department for ten years. He has done an outstanding job with the Chaplaincy Program. He acts as a mentor to other Chaplains, coordinates meetings and training events and keeps me informed on all aspects of the program.

He also works closely with our jail staff in order to minister to needs of jail inmates and their families.

Terry also responds to calls with our road patrol officers, which deal with serious injury and death. He also provides counseling to our officers and members of their families during times of extreme stress.

Terry does an outstanding job for us and I would strongly recommend him, due to his experience, as a representative for Chaplains for the Criminal Justice System. I would also support his efforts toward fund raising in this endeavor.

Dave Galloway
Former Sheriff, Hendricks
office: 317-745-4100 – 317-745-4100